Countries in decline

The United States. Brazil, Poland. Hungary.. even the UK.

Countries where conditions for trans people were once somewhat hospitable, but are now in serious decline. At TransEmigrate, one of our main focuses is to help trans people in countries like these, who may have never before considered fleeing their countries of origin, but now they are seriously contemplating doing so and do not know what their options are.

If this is you, we are here to help you explore your options.

Your country may be in decline, and you may be very frightened. That is normal. You may be trying to decide whether you should keep fighting what is happening in your country, or if you should flee. That decision ultimately rests with you.

But if your decision is to flee, or to establish a contingency plan for fleeing, please contact us.

If you are serious about your intent to leave, you may make an official Request for Assistance as described on our front page, so that we may collect your information and launch research into what options you may have available. Please see more information on our front page.