Destination Countries

Our mission is to remove you from danger. While we will of course work with you to move you to a country you prefer, we are not a universal free travel agency for trans people. We are more like the Coast Guard - we will help you flee, rather than cease to be, but it may be a dangerous ride in a helicopter basket, not a luxury cruise.

There are some countries we have more experience moving people to. Countries that are relatively safe for trans people to live in, where we can obtain a resident visa for you, and where we have built effective information-gathering and support networks.

This list is not exhaustive, nor is any country featured here perfect. Some readers may dispute why countries are and are not on this list. We are a small team, and we cannot provide extensive reviews of every country.

We do two sorts of moves.

First, we remove trans people from places that are immediately dangerous, where being trans can get you killed today. If we need to, we may move you to a place with better, but still poor, safety for LGBT people. For some countries, simply moving you from a rural area to a more progressive urban area is sufficient.

And often this is only the first step in moving to a truly safe location.

Second, we are watching many countries slide into fascism, and with this slide, a decline of civil rights for LGBT people. We call these 'countries of new concern'. We want to move as many people as we can out of these countries and into safer locations, not only because they are dangerous today, but because any of them could slide into fascism, and there are currently large numbers of out trans people trapped in them. We intend to save as many as we can ahead of a trans genocide.

While we will help anyone in danger, we do have 'routes' most travelers use.

We move people from dangerous countries in the former Soviet block to western Europe.

We move trans people out of the UK to safer locations. Because of the common travel area, Ireland is a particularly attractive destination. We will assist you in moving from Northern Ireland to the Republic.

We move people from Brazil and the US to varying locations. We don't move ethnically european US residents to locations outside europe unless they have some existing tie to a location.

Our partner organization Trans Asylias has particular expertise working with the middle east. They often help trans people move to France.

We have better destination support in Kenya, France, Ireland, Germany, Portugal, and the Netherlands.

We are constantly aware of the role colonialism has played in the shape of the world today. We do not move trans people to places that continue colonization. E.g. we will not move anyone who is not Innuit to Canada.

We also do not move minors. This is not because we don't believe minors aren't in danger, or because we don't believe you should be rescued, but because human trafficking of minors is illegal in every country, and we will help few people from a jail cell.

We consider the following countries safe, and unlikely to become unsafe. Unless you have a very unusual situation we will not help you leave these countries.

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greenland, Iceland, Ireland (Republic), Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Malta, Norway, Portugal, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, Uruguay

We do have a request. We already know that 'safe' is a relative term for trans people, and that conditions in many of these countries are less than ideal. We are sent long tracts about conditions for trans people in various countries on a frequent basis. If your country is on the list above, instead of sending us another one, work to improve conditions in your country, or help us move people (we can always use volunteers in these countries - drop into our Telegram channel 'TransEmigrate' or email us at