Destination Countries

In this section we are providing a list of some Destination Countries that we support - countries that we believe are among the most hospitable in the world for trans people to live in, and where we have built effective information-gathering and support networks. These countries have been included on this list based not only on various publicly-available objective metrics, but also by word of mouth, anecdote and in many cases, personal experience.

There are several other countries that we can confidently recommend ( You can view the full list on our How to Request Help page ), but where TransEmigrate has not yet built significant support networks to provide detailed information about the country of interest, and to offer post-migration settlement support - which is part of our misssion. Our Destination Countries generally have at least two (2) TransEmigrate personnel based in these countries in order to serve you.

This list is not exhaustive, nor is any country featured here perfect. Some readers may dispute why countries are and are not on this list. We are a small team, and we cannot provide extensive reviews of every country.

Safe countries with full Destination Support (2+ members in country):


Ireland (Republic of)

Safe countries with limited Destination Support: (1 member in country, or 0 members + significant outside contacts):

Argentina, Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, Netherlands, Portugal, Scotland, Spain, Sweden

Detailed information for some of our countries with Full and Limited destination support can be found in our sidebar. Happy reading, and we hope that you learn more about some of the countries you might consider relocating to!

If you have questions about our recommendations and how we came to our conclusions, please feel free to contact us at