How to request help

The best way to apply for help is to fill out our intake form, by following this link.

Don't expect to hear anything for up to 2 weeks.

You can also join the TransEmigrate group on the Telegram messaging app. You'll get more rapid response there.

If for some reason you cannot fill in the form, you can also write us at

Please be sure to include in your eMail:

  • Name to call you by

  • Countries of origin / citizenship

  • Country of residence

  • Passport status

  • Planned destination(s)

  • A few sentences about your intentions.

TransEmigrate-designated Safe Countries:

Resident citizens and those with secure legal residency for at least 2 upcoming years in these countries are not served:

( Exceptions: Indigenous, First Nations, Travelers, and Roma trans people, trans persons fleeing active or imminent conflict zones, or seeking political asylum:)

Argentina, Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland*, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, Uruguay

* Clients from Northern Ireland are eligible for support and relocation assistance to the Republic of Ireland, Scotland, or elsewhere.

WE support transgender people's efforts to move to safer countries and regions in various ways, including:

  • Inquiries about medium to long-range emigration planning to a safer country

  • Help with locating legal non-asylum emigration paths to various safe countries

  • Active logistical support for short to medium term ( less than one year ) planning to move to a safer country

  • Establishing contingency plans for escaping to a safe country from a country currently that is currently in a state of decline

  • Internal migration advice inside large and varied countries ( especially USA)

  • Inquiries from undocumented trans persons in foreign countries looking to regularise their status

  • Assistance with short to medium term evacuation to a safe country for human rights defenders ( including trans rights activists and transgender Indigenous and Black Lives Matter activists )

  • Emigration support for trans people with disabilities

  • Information Security / Operational Security

  • Emergency evacuation / "Bugout" procedures in the event of imminent danger and needing rapid evacuation from a country ( generally due to government retaliation for human rights activism, including trans activism )

  • All legal, non-asylum pathways.

  • Asylum cases, in limited instances.

Anti-Colonisation Policy:

  • In accordance with our Anti-Colonisation policy, we do not assist white / ethnic European clients from European countries with relocating to locations outside of Europe.

  • White applicants from unsafe European countries ( eg. Poland, Hungary ) are welcome to our assistance in relocating to a safe country elsewhere in Europe *only*.

  • White applicants from unsafe colonised lands (eg. USA, South Africa) will be encouraged to seek European destinations first. Lateral moves (eg. USA to Australia) will also be considered, subject to our discretion.