We rescue trans folk. It's a strong statement of our belief in the value of trans people. We're not writing articles or debating TERFs on Twitter. We're doing something concrete, saving lives.

We need help. There is more work than we can do. So we're extending this invitation to come join us.

It's hard, sometimes dangerous work.

Who are we?

We're cis and trans together (we're just under 50% cis). We are ethnically diverse (we especially need more people with knowledge of the middle east), young, old, and in between. Some of us are straight, some are queer in various ways.

We have various motivations. Some of us are trans. Some of us are related to trans people. Some of us have ancestors who remember genocides in their own community, and know a coming genocide when they see one. All of us think being trans should not be a death sentence.

What sort of volunteers do we need?

We have a few special categories of folks we're particularly begging for.

  • Arabic and Farsi speakers, and people who know some region in the middle east.

  • People with professional training in psychology. Our passengers are under immense strain and helping them cope is important.

  • Folks who are good listeners and willing to be emotional support for someone who may be in real danger.

  • Folks anywhere in Africa. Kenya, Uganda, Sudan, and Nigeria would be great.

  • Folks with experience organizing.

  • Cis folks, men in particular, living in countries where it's dangerous to be trans. We need to borrow privilege.

  • Folks living in the western EU or Ireland. Cis folks living in Hungary or Poland.

  • Software engineers with practical skills in information security.

  • Folks with experience with PR

  • Folks with experience in the travel industry

  • Folks with experience with fund raising

But we also need help with lots of things. If you have a willing heart, you can help save lives. Disabled folks - yes, we have roles that can accommodate a variety of disabilities, and we do want your participation.

You can be anywhere in the world.

Who can't you be?

  • A diva - we don't need divas at this time, thanks

  • Trans and in danger yourself - For security reasons we have limited roles for folks who live in countries where they themselves are in danger. (So we're in particular need of cis people in those countries).

How to get started

Contact us either with an email at contact@transemigrate.org or by joining the Telegram channel TransEmigrate, reading the pinned message, and speaking to Anne Ogborn