TransEmigrate is a European organization devoted to helping transgender people around the world who want to relocate to safer countries.

Most of our cases involve planning and support for legal non-asylum based emigration. We work hard to find legal paths to emigration to our clients who need them, in order to reach a country where it is safer to be transgender. We also maintain a list of Destination Countries that we recommend as safe havens for trans people where we are building networks of transgender people and allies who live in those countries and can provide local information and advice. We also have a limited capacity to handle asylum cases, and we work with other organisations to handle these types of clients.

You can apply to open a new support case to help you, as a trans person, reach a safer country, through our How To Request Help page.

Urgent inquires should be directed to our German office at +49 - (0)2171 / 7769545 .


Twitter: @TransEmigrate

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